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Code Update Classes

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The National Electrical Code (NEC) is published every 3 years by the National Fire Protection Association. It is offered as the minimum safety standard for electrical installations, but is not a law until adoped by the respective state or municipal governing body.

This class is your opportunity to become familiar with the National Electrical Code.
electrician exam preparation and electrical code nec classes for electrical continuing education

Comments From Previous Students:

"A must do for all Electrical Contractors who want to succeed", - Scott Neuhauser.

"One of the best classes I have been to", Eric Kuenzel.

"Information applied on paper verifies comprehension and visual aids help understanding", Tim Hauck, Spearfish, SD

NEC Code Update Seminar:  

This course will help you understand the changes in the National Electrical Code and get up to date on code requirements, code tables, and calculations. This course is  approved for continuing education credit for electrician license renewal in a number of states.

About the Class format:

Steve Arne is an experienced teacher and an experienced electrician, who knows how to help you learn and develop your skills. This course will cover the major changes in the National Electrical Code using dynamic, interactive  powerpoint presentations. Illustrations taken from Mike Holt's Code Changes book will be used, interspersed with applications of the code to review the use of code tables and calculations.

Register for the NEC Code Update class now!

This class is pre-approved for continuing education credit in South Dakota North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming, and many other states that accept those pre-approvals. So if you need code continuing credit hours, this class will provide 16 hours for license renewal. (Check with your state to see if they will accept SD or WY or NE pre-approval).

Many electricians also take this class as a good review and update on the NEC, even if they do not need the continuing education hours for license renewal. Either way, keeping updated on the electrical code will enable you to be more competent at your job.  

You can register online for 8 hours or 16 hours of class.
Register now.  Continuing education is your best investment in your future!

Go to http://www.aetech.com/cat/2002nec.htm for more information on this class and dates.

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