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Electrician's Exam Prep Class

Exam Preparation classes to help you pass that electrical licensing exam-- and National Electrical Code classes. Our classes are approved for continuing education for electrician license renewal in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and numerous other states that recognize these pre-approvals.

Comments From Students

"... your class was excellent. A must for all people preparing for the exam."
- John Stanley, Douglas WY
(John took our exam prep class in January of 2000 and passed the Wyoming Journeyman exam 2 weeks later).

"This class shed light onto the dark areas of the code. Time spent here was very worthwhile and I know it will help a lot when taking my Journeyman test." - Larry M., Custer SD

Electrician's Exam Preparation Course:  

This course will help you prepare for a journeyman or master electrical licensing exam. It is also approved for continuing education credit for electrical license renewal. We are using the Electrician's  Exam Preparation  text book by Mike Holt as the guide and format for this class. You do not have to purchase the book to participate, but it is an excellent study reference as you prepare to take your exam.  We provide you with all of the worksheets that you need to participate in this in-depth code calculation and theory review class.

About the Class format:

Steve Arne is an experienced teacher with a technical education degree and state technical education certification, who knows how to help you learn and develop your skills.

Our goal is not to entertain you with our lectures and speeches, but to involve you, motivate you, and teach you to be self sufficient in doing electrical code calculations.

You will spend more time in Steve's classes doing actual electrical code worksheets, after appropriate demonstrations and instructions. The best way to learn is through demonstrations, involvement, and practice.

The typical code calculation problem will be presented in this manner:

Steve will first provide relevant instruction, explaining code requirements and calculation methods.
Steve will work an example to demonstrate the proper application of the instruction just provided.
The class participants will work problems in the worksheets to build understanding and reinforce instruction.
Participants will come away from the class with the ability to work code problems on their own.

To register for a class or request information, please click  here.

The book that we have modeled our Exam Preparation course after is available for your purchase here

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