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Success Story
Continuing Education Classes for the Electrical Professional

Dear Electricians,

Recently I spoke with an electrician who had just taken my Exam Prep class. Dean told me that he passed his Electrical Contractor's exam because the class helped him to prepare for the exam calculations.

I always feel great when I hear a report like this. But honestly, in 16 hours I can not provide everything that you need to pass an exam. You need to come into the class with field experience and an understanding of the nuts and bolts of the electrical installation. In this limited time, I can only cover the topics that are difficult to study on your own: things like service calculations, motor branch circuit and feeder sizing, overcurrent protection, conductor ampacity and temperature correction, conduit fill and box fill calculations.

Dean said the calculations were the important thing that made the difference for him. Could you use some help on the code calculations to help you prepare for your exam?

Or maybe you do not need to prepare for an exam, but need continuing education hours for your license renewal. I have modified how the exam prep class is delivered so that it can be used by more of you to meet your continuing education needs. In the past, the  book was included in the price of this class, and that made it more expensive than many continuing education classes. I have re-structured some of my delivery of this course, so that if you need only continuing education hours, you will not be required to buy the book (If you are studying for an exam, I would highly recommend that you do, however). The in-class exercises can be completed now with worksheets that I will provide, and your  NEC book. This has allowed me to reduce the price of the exam prep course to make it more accessible for those wishing only continuing education credit, and still provide more opportunities to attend the exam prep course for those of you preparing for an exam. I hope this will allow us to provide the "right" class for more of you while providing a quality continuing education experience.

Thanks Dean, for the support and encouragement. And thanks to all of you who have completed my course in the past. Best wishes to each of you as you continue your electrical careers.

-- Steve

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