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 the Instructor
Steven Arne, MS
SD Certified Technical Teacher
Master Electrician

Master Electrician and technical instructor Steve Arne

Steve Arne is  an experienced electrician and certified technical educator who has been teaching electricians in SD full time since 1984. Mr. Arne has a Bachelors Degree in Technical Education from Dakota State University and a Masters Degree from USD. Mr. Arne is licensed as an Electrical Contractor and as an Electrical Inspector in SD and carries a Rapid City Master Electrician's License.

Mr. Arne provides Electrician's Exam Preparation classes and Electrical Code seminars in South Dakota and Wyoming under the business name of Arne Electro-Tech.

Steve Arne Electrical Instructor

Mr. Arne currently is a board member of the Black Hills Chapter of the South Dakota Electrical Council

You will spend more time in Steve's classes doing actual electrical code worksheets, after appropriate demonstrations and instructions. The best way to learn is through demonstrations, involvement, and practice.

A complete resume is available at Resume
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Steve Arne

The typical code calculation problem will be presented in this manner:

Steve will first provide relevant instruction, explaining code requirements and calculation methods.
Steve will work an example to demonstrate the proper application of the instruction just provided.
The class participants will work problems in the worksheets to build understanding and reinforce instruction.
Participants will come away from the class with the ability to work code problems on their own.

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